Frequently asked questions

What's online learning?

Sometimes it’s called e-learning. To us, it’s about engaging courses you can do anytime, anywhere, on any device.

What are the courses like?

No one likes reading loads and loads of text, so we’ve developed really interactive courses by adding in video, images, animations and scenario-based quizzes to keep you engaged.

What are the advantages?

On top of the courses, we also throw in a great management system. You’re able to analyse your learning data like course duration and pass rates, so you can see who’s got the skills to shine or those who need more help.

How long are my courses valid for?

When you buy a course, we give you some credits that are equal to the price. You can either put these credits towards the course you originally wanted or use them on something else if, for example, you change your mind, or someone leaves. The credits are valid for 12-months and we’ll let you know if they’re due expire. Once you assign a course to a learner, the credits are only used when the learner first launches the course. So, if they don’t launch the course, they’re not lost and you’ll be able to put them towards something else. When the course is launched, they’ll have access to it for one month.

How do I setup learners?

If you have a team of learners you need to setup, we can provide you with manager access so you can add users and allocate courses really easily.

How does a learner access the courses?

They can login using their email address where they’ll see a road map of all their courses, showing what’s completed and what’s left to learn.

What do I need to download?

Absolutely nothing. The courses and data are safely stored online and can be accessed via the internet.

What if the price of a course changes?

Sometimes we may improve or update a course and need to change its price. This is quite rare, but if it does happen, you may need to top up your credits to access the course.

What about orders and payment?

You can easily view your order and payment history in your ‘My Account’ page.

I received a joining email but can't login?

Hmm, this might be because the person who created your account hasn’t assigned you any courses yet. Double check with them, then once you have courses on your account, you’ll be good to go.

What if I've never done online learning?

Don’t worry, the courses and system are really simple to use and there are guides to help you if you get stuck. Plus, we can import any previous training history, so you’ve got all your records in one place.

What if learners skip through to the end?

The beauty of having quizzes means the learner can’t just guess their way through. If they’re experienced and know the content, they can skip modules and test themselves on the quiz. If they don’t, they’ll need to take in the detail to get a pass.

Why's my shipping address the same as my billing one?

All our courses are online and stored on your account, so we never need to physically ship anything to you. Therefore, the shipping address matches the billing address by default.

What is a credit?

A credit is a unit of learning. Each course purchase is translated into a number of credits determined by the retail selling price of the course. On placement of an order the transaction is analysed and “your account” is updated with credits.

Why use credits?

Credits allow flexibility to transfer learning courses between learners and switch between courses available in the library. You are in control.

When is a credit spent?

Credits are only spent when a learner starts a course or the course reaches it’s expiry date (typically 12 months after the date of purchase, but don’t worry we will alert you before the course expires!). Up until the point a course has been started you have total flexibility to transfer between courses.

Can I purchase credits?

Yes – if you search for “credits” you will find several denominations of “credits” that can be purchased in the quantity you require.

How can I review my credit balance?

Your credit balance is shown in your account and the unassigned balance is displayed in the “give people courses” application.

Why choose Upskill People?

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We’ve been helping people shine for over 20 years.

why choose UkSkill

Our engaging courses improve performance and provide measurable benefits.

why choose UkSkill

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