Menopause in the Workplace

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We must confront an often sidestepped topic. Ignorance isn't an option – it's detrimental to your colleagues and business. Menopause, it doesn't just impact the women experiencing it. Lack of knowledge and skills risks alienating people and losing talented team members.

Increasing our knowledge about menopause has tangible benefits. It fosters higher staff retention, as individuals feel understood and supported. It bolsters team morale, creating an inclusive and empathetic environment. It enables effective leadership, as leaders are equipped to address diverse issues. It reduces absenteeism, by addressing the physical and emotional challenges proactively. And importantly, it aids in decreasing the gender pay gap, as fewer women will feel compelled to leave or reduce their work hours.

This short course is designed to upskill everyone to understand the reality of menopause, how to show empathy, be helpful and accommodating, and foster a caring culture. A culture that improves business performance by genuinely supporting its workforce.

So, get learning, break the silence, empower each other, and elevate your team.

We codeveloped this course with Trudi Roscouet. Her personal menopause journey spurred her to become an expert in the field, supporting women, corporations, men, and couples alike. As an influential contributor to 'Menopause Matters', an active member of the 'Menopause Mandate', and a collaborator with parliament members, her expertise is widely acknowledged. Awarded 'Inspirational Woman of the Year' 2023, she has significantly impacted businesses with her advice. She is an accredited Menopause Wellbeing coach and International Menopause Society member.

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