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Adult Gaming Centres (AGCs) are age restricted gaming areas containing gaming machines with high stakes and large jackpots. They provide customers with a leisure activity and are an invaluable source of income for the business.

AGCs are governed by the rules and regulations of the Gambling Act 2005 and need to meet the three main Objectives, which are: to protect children and other vulnerable people, to prevent gambling being a source of crime and disorder, to ensure gambling is conducted in a fair and open way.

Every employee over the age of 18 has a responsibility to ensure all AGCs are operated to meet these Objectives, whether they are directly involved in AGC operations or not.

On completing this course you will understand:

  • why mystery shopping and test purchases are carried out.
  • the importance of staying within the law.
  • how to carry out a routine check of an AGC.
  • the consequences of failing to identify and remove under 18's.
  • how to recognise a potentially vulnerable person and know what action to take.
  • how to refuse entry to an AGC restricted area.
  • what "self-exclusion" is and the action to take.
  • why you must prevent crime and disorder.
  • how to recognise a potentially suspicious situation and what action to take.
  • the importance of being "fair" and "open" when it comes to operating AGCs.
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Core sector Hospitality, Retail
Sub-sector Entertainment
Business outcomes Service
Job type Food and Beverage, Customer Assistant, Sales Assistant
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